Sweets Nutrion

These goodies may look to good to be true but with no additives in our baking processes, our various muffins, bars and sweets are the yummiest option to satify your sweet tooth!!

Alz Mfn

Apple Crumb Pie

Autumn Spice Cookie

Banana Bread

Banana Mfn

Blueberry Oat Bran Mfn


Bread Pudding Bar

Breakfast Buns


Brownie Bread

Brownie Mfn

Chocolate Cherry Bread

Chocolate Bliss Cookie

Chocolate Chip Bread
Chocolate Chip Mfn

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Roll

Christmas Cake

Coconut Blueberry

Cranberry Orange Scone

Cream Cheese Scone With Varriations

Egg Nog Bread

Ginger Bread

Harvest Bar

Hot Cross Buns

Iced Short Dough Cookie

Kahuna Bar

Kentucky Bourbon Bread

Lemon Bar

Lemon Blueberry Ginger Bread

Mexican Chocolate Tea Cate

Morning Glory

Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oat Chocolate Raisin Cookie

Peachy Keen Bread

Peanutbutter Chocolate Chip Cookie

Powe Bar

Pumkin Bar

Pumkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumkin Chocolate Chip Mfn

Pumkin Pie

Pumkin Rolls

Pumkin Spice Scone

Red Velvet Roll

Red Velvet Brownie Bar

Rhubarb Streusle Tea Cake

Rice Krisby Treat

Savannah Bar

Smores Bar

Snicker Doodle Bread

Snicker Doodle Mfn

Snicker Doodle Cookie

Sugar Cookie

Strawberry Shortcake Bread

Strawberry Shortcake Mfn

Walnut Choc Chip Pie

Yo Yo Cookies

Mini Yo Yo Cookies

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Mfn