Our monthly menu is available in the link below.  Please forgive us if some items may not appear daily as ingredient supply chains remain affected even as a result of the tornado back early spring. And while business tries to rebuild, demand and lack of has impacted how much we are able to produce on any one day. So we apologize and are working hard to do the best we can.  You are always welcome to give us a call for any further questions...

We love baking fresh whole wheat products for you. We look forward to serving you some of our fresh milled wheat that is transformed in to an incredible Honey Whole Wheat Bread. What ever you are thinking about, if you have tried something before or just havent seen it on our menu in a while, give us a call and let us know. We will try our hardest to provide you with just the product that you may be looking for. 

Thank you so much and remember..CELEBRATE DELICIOUSLY...  Because HE  LIVES, we can face tomorrow !! Blessings to your home for ours !!!!

Special Order that perfect loaf of bread, rolls, sweet treat goodie for any of your Holiday events !!  Great Harvest Bread Co can help decorate your table with a variety of deliciosuness !!

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Bread Menu  Sesions Specials

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Did you know that on selected Wednsdays (check out our montly Menu link above) we bake a REAL OLD WORLD/EUROPEAN SOUR DOUGH BREAD!  This bread lovers classic is made with a live sourdough sponge that actually came from Jeff Yankellow, at the time an insturctor at the San Francisco Baking Institute.
    A true fermetation of the sour dough sponge is a time aging process that develops amazing flavors and real health benefits. While bread is still bread, the simplest rule for all your eating enjoyment is everything in moderation...but here is a simple explanantion as to a health benefit of Sour Dough..

Though it’s comparable to a regular slice of white in the amount of calories, carbs, and fiber,  sourdough is lower in sugar and higher in protein, which gives it a leg up.Traditional white bread is usually made with sugar, canola oil, and dried, preserved yeast to leaven the dough.Sourdough bread is usually made with no sweeteners or oils. It contains mostly whole wheat flour and water, and its secret ingredient:live yeast cultures, which is the “thing” that gives it that well known tangy flavor. Not only does using live instead of dried yeast change the flavor, but it also means it stays fresh after being baked much longer than factory baked bread and doesn’t require any extra preservatives to ward off mold. But it gets better. Similar to other fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, pickles, and kombucha, sourdough bread is fermented by using lactobacillus cultures (a probiotic, aka bacteria that benefits your gut). The cultures don’t survive the baking process (bummer!), but lactic acid is created (bonus!), and that does the body a whole lot of good. Lactic acid helps decrease the levels of phytic acid in bread (phytic acid interferes with the absorption of certain nutrients, which is a bad thing). This in turn, helps other nutrients become more readily available, digestible and absorbable. Teamwork makes the dream work.