A lot of people relate bread with unhealthy eating. This can be true if you're filling up with store-bought bread that has a ton of preservatives and refined sugars/flour/grains. Those are just empty calories that aren't doing any good to your body.

There is, however, a healthier alternative in whole-grain bread. You'll find that it should actually be a staple in a balanced meal. In this post, Great Harvest in Cookeville will share with you the benefits whole grains can bring, so you can finally make a switch!

Perks of Eating Whole Grain Bread

It's Good for Your Heart (and Whole Circulatory System)

The antioxidants whole grains provide have a ton of benefits in your circulatory system! They keep your heart in good shape, reduce the chances of strokes, and helps with inflammation.

Aids in Weight-Loss

Who said bread made you fat? Whole grain bread is filled with dietary fiber, which is key in weight control. Plus, it's recommended to those with constipation or high cholesterol levels.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

The vitamins, minerals and fiber in whole grains have the advantage that they help reduce the chance of contracting type 2 diabetes (as opposed to refined grains, which can increase it).

Lowers Cancer Risk

The nutrients and components in whole grains (phytic acid and saponins, for example) have been linked to the hindering of cancer - especially in the large intestine.

If You Want the Best Bread in Cookeville

Come to Great Harvest if you want to try a delicious, healthy whole grain bread! We have a varied selection that's good for your body (and your taste buds). This way, you'll make your sandwiches, toasts, and more meals, nutritious and flavorful.