Finally, the warmer months are upon us! The spring and summer seasons evoke fun, energy and all around happiness - which is why many gather to celebrate while the Sun is out.

If you're attending a lot of social gatherings during this time, but aren't sure of how to thank the hosts for inviting you, a gift basket may be what you need. In this post, Great Harvest in Cookeville will share thesteps to put together the perfect gift basket for the season!

How to Build the Perfect Gift Basket

Get the Essentials

First things first: you need to get a basket and what you'll put in it. Then, decide on what your main item will be; for example, you can choose some delicious loaves of bread and/or cookies.

Now that you have your base, choose things that will go with them. In this case, you could add some spreads that will go with the bread (like some some fancy cheese or a special butter).

Add Freshness

Now it's time to give the basket the spring/summery vibe! You can do this by adding fresh flowers or a jam of seasonal fruits! This will make it have a warmer, more colorful feel!


Give the basket a personal touch! For instance, you can add a meaningful and personalized card. Or you can include items to the basket that are specific to the person you're giving it to (like a book or a bottle of their favorite wine).

Decorate and Arrange

Here's another way to make the basket seem even more special! Decorate everything with colorful ribbons (in bright hues like yellow and green) and even a bow. Make sure to arrange everything perfectly so it's all displayed and organized.

Get Your Gift Basket at Great Harvest!

Yes, gift baskets are great, but if you don't have the time to put one together, don't worry! Great Harvest has your back. Go through our selection of gift baskets and choose from a great variety of sweets and bread in Cookeville to complement it!