At Great Harvest we use honey in all of our bread products, made fresh for you daily. We love honey, its sweetness, and how it helps our bread to maintain its integrity, not only as the best bread in Cookeville but as healthy bread, as well! Whether you are using honey in cooking endeavors, as a dietary supplement, or even directly on your skin, the benefits are so great. Today we'd like to share FIVE of our favorite reasons for advocating the use of honey.

Honey helps build our immune systems! It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, helps improve digestion, and generally helps YOU to keep from getting sick.  

Honey can help to soothe and heal sore throats. Not only does honey help to soothe the aching of a sore throat, but because of its antimicrobial properties it also helps to kill the bacteria build up.

It is great for pre workout eating. Rather than relying on a sugar filled drink to give you that energy, rely on honey. It's got a high amount of carbohydrates which are great for that energy you will need to sustain your workout routine.

The antiseptic properties in honey are great for just what they sound like they'd be great for. Consuming honey can help decrease or eliminate indigestion.

Remember when we mentioned that honey also had health benefits when applied to the skin? Well, we meant it. Applying honey can help clear up your skin. By applying the honey directly to the troubled areas, you will begin to notice significant changes.

Seriously, how great is honey? Not only is it good for you, but it tastes amazing too. If all of this talk about honey sweetness has given you a sweet tooth, don't fear. Come on by Great Harvest today and pick up one of our sweet treats or our honey sweet and delicious bread options! Give us a call to see what we have ready for you, 931-525-5623.