Fiber should be present in your day to day life. It helps your digestive system, controls blood sugar, it's super good to your heart and even aids in weight loss! With all these benefits (and then some), there's no denying that you should include fiber in everyone of your meals.

In order to help you increase your fiber intake, Great Harvest in Cookeville has this post, so you know what to eat to get all of its advantages!

Where to Get the Fiber You Need

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is a staple food item - or should be - in any household. It contains all the nutrients and benefits from the grains (including fiber), as opposed to its refined competitors.


Black, kidney, white, among other types of beans are not only delicious, but rich in fiber, high in proteins, minerals and antioxidants that will help you get a healthier body.


Corn is a delicious, versatile grain that has a lot to offer in the nutritional department. By consuming it regularly, you'll improve your bone, heart, digestive health.


Brown rice is often overshadowed by its more popular relative, white rice. However, brown rice has a lot more nutrients that help reduce diabetes, protect against cancer, and more!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and the fiber close! Apples are the ultimate sweet treat nature has for us. Aside from the fiber, they provide powerful antioxidants to keep you healthy.

Get Your Fiberfull Bread!

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