At Great Harvest in Cookeville, you already know that we are dedicated to bringing you the best baked bread and sweets, fresh daily. You probably already have a favorite menu item. Today we want to provide you with a way to even further enhance our delicious baked goods, by sharing some coffee drinking suggestions. If you love coffee and Great Harvest, check out a few of our favorites and try to come up with some combinations of your own.

Try our Cinnamon Chip Bread with a flavorful Nicaraguan coffee. The sweet nuances of the cinnamon will go so well with this light coffee!

Cranberry Orange Scones, or any other berry treats we have available, will be best served with a citric Kenyan or Haitian coffee. Both of these choices are bold, dark, coffees. Seriously, either option with the tart cranberry and orange is absolutely phenomenal. You can thank us later.

Our amazing brownies are very versatile. Accompanied by a medium, rich, Ethiopian coffee will bring out an amazing sweetness. You may also choose to eat these while drinking espresso. Trust us. With chocolate and espresso, you cannot go wrong.

While you have the Ethiopian coffee already prepared, don't miss out on the tart taste of our Lemon Bars and the rich, spicy nuances of Ethiopian.

For the perfect Hawaiian treat, prepare some Kona coffee and pair it with our Pineapple Muffins.

Let us say, you are feeling more inclined toward something savory, we have a few options for you as well.

Fans of our flavorful Mediterranean Olive bread, with its delicious blend of spices, will enjoy trying it with the medium, spicy, essence of Java Coffee. Hot or cold, it is a wonderful mix.

The fusion that is Cheddar Garlic bread can be even more thoroughly enjoyed with a light Latin American coffee. For the best combination with this zesty bread, we recommend preparing the coffee iced.

The possibilities are just about endless. Start with some of our suggestions and then begin exploring on your own. What do you think the best combination for YOU might be? Come and see us at Great Harvest, check out our menu, or give us a call at 931-525-5623, to see what we have ready for you today and start exploring.