Our Lobby is OPEN for DINE IN and we will be so excited to see everyone !!  We Love our Great Harvest Family and Friends !!

  Our August Menu may be be slightly limited and adjustments will still need to be made weekly as ingredients and the ability to do regular business remain impacted until business returns in full...Always feel free to call ahead so we can answer any questions that you may have or if youd like to 

Great Harvest Bread Co is Putnam Counties best choice for the FRESHEST baked breads, sweets and FRESH made lunches !! 

At Great Harvest Bread Co we Stone Mill our Family Farm Owned Montana Wheat EVERYDAY to make sure that we are always bringing you the FRESHEST breads and TRUE WHOLE GRAIN breads around.
Each new season of the year gives us a chance to embrace each season and bring your GREAT tasting products that reflect the seasons of the year.

 With Great Harvest Bread Co and our assortment of FRESH products, what a better way to enjoy them by CELEBRATING DELICIOUSLY in all your activities. With some GREAT tasting treats and AMAZINGLY Savory Breads just right for grilling, Great Harvest Bread Co is your FRESH food destination !    With all of the freshest made breads available, not to mention an array of tasty sweet goodies, Great Harvest Bread Co here in Cookeville Tn can make any Celebration one of the best !!

Need something in between all your running, stop by Great Harvest Bread Co to pick up a goody like our Fruit & Cream Cheese Scone, maybe a Power Bar or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin...and if you come with a bigger appetite then sit down to anyone of our mouth watering fresh made sandwiches, made on our own FRESH baked breads.


Check out our MONTHLY MENU to help with all of your Delicious activities.

Did you know that on selected Wednsdays (check out our montly Menu link above) we bake a REAL OLD WORLD/EUROPEAN SOUR DOUGH BREAD!  This bread lovers classic is made with a live sourdough sponge that actually came from Jeff Yankellow, at the time an insturctor at the San Francisco Baking Institute.     A true fermetation of the sour dough sponge is a time aging process that develops amazing flavors and real health benefits. While bread is still bread, the simplest rule for all your eating enjoyment is everything in moderation...but here is a simple explanantion as to a health benefit of Sour Dough.

   Though it’s comparable to a regular slice of white in the amount of calories, carbs, and fiber,  sourdough is lower in sugar and higher in protein, which gives it a leg up.Traditional white bread is usually made with sugar, canola oil, and dried, preserved yeast to leaven the dough.Sourdough bread is usually made with no sweeteners or oils. It contains mostly whole wheat flour and water, and its secret ingredient:live yeast cultures, which is the “thing” that gives it that well known tangy flavor. Not only does using live instead of dried yeast change the flavor, but it also means it stays fresh after being baked much longer than factory baked bread and doesn’t require any extra preservatives to ward off mold. But it gets better. Similar to other fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, pickles, and kombucha, sourdough bread is fermented by using lactobacillus cultures (a probiotic, aka bacteria that benefits your gut). The cultures don’t survive the baking process (bummer!), but lactic acid is created (bonus!), and that does the body a whole lot of good. Lactic acid helps decrease the levels of phytic acid in bread (phytic acid interferes with the absorption of certain nutrients, which is a bad thing). This in turn, helps other nutrients become more readily available, digestible and absorbable. Teamwork makes the dream work.

For more GREAT Information about Great Harvest Bread co and our commitment to providing you with the highest quality product, check out this Wheat Quality Statement from our President and CEO...

  Great Harvest Bread Co in Cookeville is located at 120 S Jefferson Ave in Cookeville Tn 38501...

Give us a call at 931-525-5623

Remember to always CELEBRATE DELICIOUSLY !!!!